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I Forgot

So, I totally forgot that this board existed :) har har.

Well, the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in San Fransisco went well. Of course it was completely sunny and very windy so while you were freezing, you were also getting sun burned. Ah, how I love SF :)

Fanime is right around the corner and it should be a lot of fun! I have costumes set up that I'd like to wear, but, ofcourse, do not have the wigs/fabric/time/attention span to complete my projects. :) I'm feeling that this Fanime will be a bit lame cosplay-wise for me, but it should still be fun.

I've heard that Fanime will be having a maid-run cafe this year. That should be a lot of fun :) something new at an older convention is ALWAYS welcomed because I know people who get bored with the "same-old-thing" year after year.

Even if no one reads this I've still posted something :) Makes me feel accomplished, or something.
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